January 1, 2013

The new blog is now online

Would you like to see the whole post? Go to my new blog Style of Purity. It's now online and you can also follow me on FACEBOOK! Visit my new blog and tell me what you think about it!

December 31, 2012


I'm very very very exciting to announce the big news! CtC moved to Wordpress! Yay to that! I couldn't be happier! After blogging for almost one year on Blogger, i decided i've to built my own place, with my own opportunities. Well, since i'm building my Wordpress blog, i realised that Blogger was very practical and easy. I've been working very hard on it and i can proudly say that i'm proud at myself that i got it so far.
Well, the blog will have a different name. Which is www.styleofpurity.com. You can visit it from now on, but the blog is still empty. I'll post my very first outfit on the first of January, which has to be a totally new beginning for me! Unfortunately you can't follow me with Google Friend Connect, but there are a tons of different socials you can follow me. Like Facebook, Bloglovin, Instagram. From the first of January you can follow me on the social pages!
Take a first look and tell me what you think! See you soon on Style of Purity.
With love,

December 22, 2012

A walk in the rain

Usually I'm not that kind of person who loves heavy rain and snow. But this time it felt different. Hippe schoenen send me those stunning, but the most comfortable boots. I felt like i could walk the whole day in this beautiful park while raining. Thanks a lot to Hippe schoenen for sending me these beautiful boots, which are very comfortable! They got a very fast and easy delivering, with the best prices ever!

December 20, 2012

Birthday wish

Birthday wish
Well, the birthday is very closely and i'm desperately in need of jewellery and especially bracelet. I've picked my favorits from the moment.

December 16, 2012

The serieus look

ph/ Arton Musliu

I know i know, i haven't post for a while. I've to tell that i've been feeling very bad the last weeks. The migraine in my head is very active these days, so that made me feel very lazy, tired and weak. But behind all of these illness, i've big news which i will publish very soon!

Back to the post. Firmoo gave me the opportunity to try one of their glasses. So this is the one i've chosen. Very classic and simple. It was a very difficult decision because they've a tons of different classes in every shape and style. The delivery went very fast and the service is very well! Are you also in need of a pair of glasses? You can try free glasses with THIS link.

December 4, 2012

Coldness chic

Coldness chic
Who said that winter is all about darkness and tons of layering (ok, maybe a bit).. I've selected my favorites, which i would definitely wear in winter while going out for dinner.. If i ever had the chance to buy these gorgeous pieces.
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